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Mentors help guide Founders, using their expertise and business experience to provide helpful advice.

How it works:

  1. Contact: Entrepreneurs and founders connect with the program through small business counseling with the SBDC (Small Business Development Center), and BEDC BR&E (Business Retention & Expansion) Visits. (Could also be through LF Workshop events, the Co.Starters program, and other business/ entrepreneur events led by the Ecosystem).
  2. Foundation Building: Clients begin by consulting with SBDC business counselors to establish a solid understanding of fundamental business development and operational principles.
  3. Identifying Growth Areas: After establishing the basics, clients often identify specific areas they wish to develop further, whether it's related to general business management or industry-specific knowledge.
  4. Mentor-Mentee Matching Process: Launch Founder team to collaborate with both mentors and mentees to define specific needs and confirm expertise.
  5. Expectations for Launch Founder Mentors:
    • Experience and Expertise: Mentors should possess one or more of the following:
      • 2+ years of business ownership experience
      • Background in economics, business, accounting, or other related professional services
      • Expertise in a specific industry or field
      • Community leadership experience or holding an elected office
    • Familiarity with the Region: Ideally, mentors should be familiar with the region and the Brookings community.
    • Time Commitment: Mentors are expected to dedicate at least 4 hours per month to mentoring office hours. While in-person meetings are preferred, exceptions may be made for industry specialists or individuals who wish to contribute remotely.
    • Workshop Leadership: Mentors are required to lead at least one workshop or group session annually on an approved topic of their choosing.
    • Professional Development: Mentors must attend at least one facilitator, coaching, mentoring, or other relevant professional development training annually.
  1. Feedback Mechanism: Launch Founder Matchmaker representatives will conduct quarterly check-ins with both mentors and mentees to ensure continued value and satisfaction with the match.
  2. Program Evaluation: While program evaluation is not currently implemented, future plans may include developing metrics and KPIs to assess the program's effectiveness.
  3. Community Engagement: Mentors are required to lead at least one workshop annually that is open to all entrepreneurs interested in the topic, enhancing community engagement and knowledge-sharing.
  4. Continuous Improvement: Launch Founder Matchmaker will survey mentees annually for feedback and conduct annual meetings with mentors to collect feedback, brainstorm improvements, and offer professional development training tailored to mentoring skills.

Becoming a mentor after being a mentee: Mentees who excel in specific professional aspects may also have the opportunity to serve as mentors, contributing their expertise to others within the program.

Individual Match Process Overview:

  1. SBDC Business Counselor Consultation: SBDC business counselors provide entrepreneurs and founders with a foundation of business knowledge and standard operational practices.
  2. Identification of Specific Needs: Entrepreneurs or founders identify specific skill or business development needs that extend beyond the scope of SBDC business counseling.
  3. Questionnaire Completion: Entrepreneurs or founders complete a questionnaire provided by Launch Founder Matchmaker to outline their specific needs, preferences, and desired outcomes.
  4. Potential Match Identification: The Launch Founder team reviews the questionnaire responses and identifies potential mentorship matches based on expertise and compatibility.
  5. Introduction: The Launch Founder team facilitates introductions between mentors and mentees, providing an opportunity for both parties to connect and discuss potential mentorship arrangements.
  6. Setting Schedule and Expectations: Mentors and mentees collaborate to set a schedule for their mentorship meetings and establish expectations for the mentorship relationship. This may include defining the desired frequency of meetings and determining whether the mentorship will be for a specific duration or ongoing.
  7. Quarterly Check-ins: The Launch Founder team conducts quarterly check-ins with both mentors and mentees to ensure the success of the match and address any challenges or concerns that may arise.


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