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Business Growth

Expand your customers, audience, products, and services.

Once your business is established, it remains important to continue looking for growth opportunities. If you are at a stage with your business where growth is your priority, check out the resources below!

  • Market Research - Enterprise Institute - State Level
    • Enterprise Institute offers an equity review and presentation preparation service that will help you understand the equity financing process through coaching sessions, business plan reviews, and presentation preparations.
  • Prairie Family Business - State 
    • Prairie Family Business provides a resource network for family business success. PFBA hosts a variety of events, cohort experiences, and resources that support family businesses.
  • SD Trade - SBA - State
    • SD Trade provides free export and import support to small businesses and is the host for the SBA State Trade Expansion Program (STEP). STEP is a grant program for small businesses to receive grant funds for international market research to promote revenue growth.
  • Lender Match - SBA - Local
    • The U.S. Small Business Administration helps small businesses get funding by setting guidelines for loans and reducing lender risk. These SBA-backed loans make it easier for small businesses to get the funding they need.
  • SBA Loan Guarantees - Bank Lenders - Local
    • Review loans guaranteed by the Small Business Administration. SBA guaranteed loans provide competitive terms, counseling and education to lendees, and other unique benefits like lower down payments, flexible overhead requirements, and no collateral required.
  • Tax Incentives - BEDC - Local
    • View the various tax incentives that may be available to your business based on needs of the project, industry, job creation, investment made, and more.
  • Venture Capital - Homegrown Capital - Local
    • Homegrown Capital is a South Dakota-based venture capital company that invests in early-stage, technology driven companies in the Northern Plains.
  • SBA Express - National
    • The SBA Express allows certain lenders to generally use their own processes and procedures in exchange for a lower SBA guaranty percentage. SBA Express lenders have delegated authority to process, close, service, and liquidate the 7(a) loan without SBA review.
  • SBA Export - National
    • The Export Express Loan Program guarantees smaller dollar revolving lines of credit or term loans to support small business concerns that wish to develop the export side of their business. It offers many of the streamlined features of SBA Express while providing a higher guarantee to mitigate international credit risk.
  • Online Lenders - Blue Vine - National
    • Blue Vine offers one-stop business banking, including checking, lending, and payment products. For more information visit the website and review all materials to consider if this is a funding option for you.
  • Online Lenders - Funding Circle - National
    • Funding Circle offers fast funding for business owners that have been in operations for 2 years or more and have a strong personal & business credit scores. For more information visit the website and review all materials to consider if this is a funding option for you.
  • Online Lenders - Kabbage - National
    • American Express offers business lines of credit. For more information visit the website and review all materials to consider if this is a funding option for you.
  • Online Lenders - OnDeck - National
    • OnDeck is an online small business lending organization that offers tailored lending options to meet the needs of your small business.
  • SBA - State
    • The South Dakota SBA District office connects you to SBA services like funding programs, business counseling, federal contracting certifications, and disaster recovery. The office can also connect you to partner organizastios, lenders, and other community groups that assist small businesses.
  • GOED - State
    • GOED offers an array of financing options to meet the needs of both new and existing companies.
  • City Design Review - City of Brookings - Local
    • The City of Brookings has a progressive group of staff available to review projects. The DRT works with project representatives to identify opportunities and resolve potential issues before plans are finalized. This process is designed to save you time and money.
  • Entering Exports Market - SBDC - State
    • The U.S. Small Business Administration and its resource partners, the SBDC network, can play a significant role in helping you develop export potential and providing information on the many government services to help you succeed.
  • International Trade Center - SBDC - State
    • The International Trade Center (ITC) is a part of the South Dakota SBDC serving as a source of management assistance to small businesses considering exporting, new to exporting, or those with exporting finance packaging needs.
  • SDSU Student Survey - Chamber - Local
    • The Brookings Area Chamber of Commerce's Connect Brookings committee has a sub-committee specific to connecting with SDSU Students. Learn more about the program and connecting with SDSU students by visiting the Chamber's website.

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